Energy Issue Collides

Energy Issue Collides

By In articles On May 20, 2018

We must explore every avenue in the nation’s resource portfolio and the production of resources that produce energy for America. This country has to come to terms over an energy policy that will make us independent and at the same time grow the American economy and not other oil producing countries economies around the world.

In days gone by, America was not dependent on foreign oil. America was not held hostage by a cartel and America managed just fine.

I believe that new energy technology must be developed, encouraged and used. Private enterprise is the incubator for new technology and new business growth. Government has become too involved in energy production and in resource development. Many regulations prohibit new technology development and conventional exploration of present resources.

Our government and the American people have been held hostage by an environmental lobby that does not see the benefits in safe oil extraction technology and in modern drilling platforms. For example, the environmental lobbies would rather have the United States suffer in real economic terms so that areas of oil rich Alaska stay oil rich and untouched. This is not practical and this does not make economic sense!

The country must come to terms with an energy policy that works for the American people, instead of one that holds the American people hostage when their tank is on empty.

I believe that nuclear energy, natural gas, wind, solar, geo thermal, coal, oil and many more unknown technologies are all part of the mix. Each one of these alone cannot free up the economy and move America forward in manufacturing, transportation, science and home energy use. But each one of these can, in some way, add to a grid that works separately in specific uses and that adds to the total energy picture.

The country must work toward a policy that frees up our immediate oil reserves in a safe and responsible way. At the same time, we must encourage alternative energy exploration and development. New technology is the key, but new technology might be 50 years away from reality. So it makes sense now to exploit the reserves we have here and get the oil rich cartels out of America’s business. If we had started down this road ten years ago, we would not be in the situation we are in now.

Our country is starving for autonomy. It is starving for technology. It is starving to go back to the days of two dollars or lower for a gallon of gas. New refineries should be built. The investment would pay off in jobs and in lower fuel cost for the American people. Oil fields should be explored and, as a result, new towns would be built for new employees that will come in search of the new jobs that would be created. With more domestic oil in the pipeline, Americans would have more disposable income. With more profit, energy companies would be encouraged to develop new energy technology. If there was true competition in the market place, companies would be competing to own new markets and to own new energy products. This is the American way and this is how America grows.

New technology is never developed without private investment and private enterprise taking it to market. New technology will either fail or will become a success when the consumer is able to make the decision to buy what they want.

There has never been a time in America’s history when government sponsored products. Government sponsored industries and government sponsored development of technology has led to economic growth and independent profits for the risk takers.

America didn’t become a great producer of products by listening to environmental lobbies. America’s economic expansion in the twentieth century was due to two things: affordable energy and abundant energy. America and its citizens can no longer stand by and let government enact programs that stifle exploration and that encourages foreign development of resources that will cost America in untold terms in economic growth and in job creation, market penetration and technology ownership.

Energy and the economy are closely tied together. Energy is the first piston in the economic engine. This is why an energy policy that helps to create jobs through new technology and the continued exploration and use of present technology is needed.

As your Congressman, I will promote the use of new technology development through encouraging competition, and new market development. I will promote the use and exploration of current oil extraction techniques as long as it’s safe and is sensitive to realistic conservation concerns. I will do my part to deliver safe, efficient and affordable energy resources that make sense for America’s needs and its future needs.

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